Faster Installation

The SpeedRod patented system speeds up installation, allowing installers to put material and the wire supports up at the same time, alleviating the need to move scaffolding twice, to save you time.

Easy to make repairs

Repairing damaged or aging insulation is a snap with SpeedRod. Instead of ruining the integrity of the wiring system that’s in place, simply disconnect the wire between two SpeedRod hangers, make the repairs you need and wire the job back up right. It’s that simple!

Maximize R-value

SpeedRod assists architects, home builders/insulators, and homeowners alike by offering the most efficient batt support system for installing insulation and maintaining R-value.

Minimize installer training

Our system is easy to use. Simply install the Z-hanger and run your wire at the pre-measured spot. SpeedRod gives you exact points to determine the thickness of the material to be placed, to take the complication out of the install and let you get back to work.


  • Installation is quick and efficient
  • Training takes minimal time
  • Number of callbacks are reduced
  • Wasted materials are minimized
  • Repairs are quick and easy
  • Quality of installation is consistent
  • R-value integrity is kept intact